capturing moments so you can live them


Let's be adventurers. you, me, and the person that makes your heart skip a beat.

let's slip away from busyness and distractions to focus on what really matters.

Want to hike through a forest to find a magical spot to share your vows and get lost in each other? let's go.

want to sneak behind waterfalls and chase evening light to celebrate beginning the best journey ever? can't wait.

want to spend your day on your grandfather's land, surrounded by the people closest to your heart? I'm there.

These are the first moments of your life's grandest adventure. Let's make them meaningful and memorable.


hey! I'm brooke.

I'm based in Nebraska, and I love my hometown, but I have a huge travel itch!

I am saved by the amazing, scandalous grace of my Jesus.

I'm an ISFJ, which is the same personality type as Beyoncé, so feel free to do what you want with that information.

There is something so incredible and humbling about being invited into someone's story to capture one of the biggest days of their life. Being able to witness authentic, joyful, intimate love again and again. I absolutely cannot get enough of it.

LATEST and greatest